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UK Climate Action Forum & Dinner


UK Climate Action Forum 

6th December 2023 15:00 to 18:30, followed by networking drinks

Climate Action is delighted to be hosting the UK Climate Action Forum & Dinner on Wednesday 6 December in the Bonn Room, Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre in the Climate Action Innovation Zone.

The Forum will bring together UK businesses, ministries, cities, regions, academia and NGOs, alongside international representatives interested in learning about, investing in and trading with UK industries. Its aim is to facilitate collaboration and harness the power and ingenuity of the UK climate community to accelerate local, regional and global climate action.

We invite all UK climate leaders and senior practitioners, as well as international organisations interested in the UK’s pioneering climate solutions/services, to attend this collaborative event.


Big ben and audience

Uniting for local and global climate action

Featured Speakers


    • Where is the UK positioning itself in the race to zero?
    • What innovative British solutions are spearheading transformative action?
    • How can we best replicate these at speed and scale, nationally and globally?
    • What do successful net-zero public-private partnerships models look like? How and where can they be replicated?
    • What steps are being taken to scale UK climate best practices overseas?
    • How are UK stakeholders demonstrating the value of radical collaborations in the green economy?
    •  In what ways are UK pioneers and technology developers pushing boundaries in climate action and carbon reduction?
    • Where are the opportunities to commercialise low-carbon solutions at speed and scale?
    • What success have innovators had in securing investment and bringing technology to market at home and abroad?
    • How do we maintain UK’s position as a leader in climate finance?
    • In what ways is the financial sector driving adaptation, resilience and net-zero investments?
    • Which innovative financial products, services and models can support international carbon reduction initiatives?
    • Where is the UK leading in the global energy transition?
    • What UK tech can be scaled and replicated at speed and scale? Do silver bullets exist to speed the transition to net-zero energy?
    • What strides is the UK taking in moving carbon-intensive industries towards net-zero?
    • How is UK technology and innovation being deployed and scaled to help the decarbonisation of heavy industry?

UK Climate Leaders Dinner

19:30 to 21:30

A high-level dinner will follow the Forum, for 80 of the UK’s most impactful sustainability leaders that are committed to delivering the UK’s net zero, nature positive, resilient and equitable future.

Sponsored by OVO, the dinner is by invitation only.


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How to get involved

Attend The Forum 

Attendance is free and open to all UK climate leaders and practitioners, as well as international representatives interested in learning about, investing in and trading with UK industries.   

Apply to attend here

Apply to attend the Dinne

The invitation-only UK Climate Leaders Dinner is for senior representatives of UK businesses, ministries, cities, regions, academia and NGOs. If you wish to be invited, or are interested in hosting a table, please email




Speak, partner or sponsor 

To find out more about speaking, partnership and sponsorship opportunities please email 

  • Events like this are so helpful. Many people are unsure how to engage, so they really benefit from events like this where they can meet people like us, who are just getting on with it and have solutions that are deployable today.
    Toddington Harper, CEO, GRIDSERVE

Let's toast to a sustainable future

All attendees will be invited to networking drinks after the Forum

UK Climate Leaders Forum
UK Climate Leaders Forum
UK Climate Leaders Forum