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Renato Opertti

Renato Opertti

Senior Expert, International Bureau of Education (UNESCO-IBE)

Mr. Renato Opertti holds a degree in sociology (UDELAR, Uruguay) and a master’s degree in educational research (CIEP-Uruguay/IRDC-Canada). Currently Opertti is a senior expert at the International Bureau of Education (UNESCO-IBE) where he contributes to IBE knowledge production, capacity development, technical assistance and the implementation of several UNESCO-IBE flagship initiatives such as HELA (Hybrid Education, Learning and Assessment) and green and blue curriculum.

Opertti is part of UNESCO Secretariat supporting the Revision of the 1974 Recommendation on Education for Peace and Human Rights, International Understanding, Cooperation, Fundamental Freedoms, Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development.

Opertti is the President of the Council of Advisers of the Organization of Iberoamerican States (OEI) which is the highest consulting and advisory board with regard to policies and strategies. Likewise, he coordinates the UNESCO-UCU Chair on Hybrid Education localized at the Catholic University of Uruguay (UCU). He teaches at UCU and other universities on international trends in education.

Opertti is a frequent lecturer on issues relating to the transformation of education and the curriculum at international and national events and is a member of the Latinoamerican Coalition for Teachers Excellence which is a joint initiative of the Varkey Foundation, the Interamerican Dialogue and the OEI.

During the last years, Opertti has supported several countries – MOEs, civil society and international organizations – in addressing educational and curricular challenges posed by COVID-19 through capacity development and knowledge production. Recently, Opertti has contributed to the implementation of several of the TES (Transforming Education Summit) Calls to Actions led by UNESCO.

Opertti has managed the Programme “Innovation and Leadership in Curriculum, Learning and Assessment” at IBE-UNESCO (2006-2019), providing support to countries in different regions. Also, Opertti has worked for several intergovernmental organizations such as CAF, ECLA, IDB, UNDP, World Bank and UNICEF.

He has numerous publications in several languages relating to education, curriculum, learning, inclusive education and hybrid modes of education. Among the last ones, we refer to two books: “Education in times of planetary rethinking” (2021) and “Curriculum in transformation mode” (2022, Spanish version).