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Pau de Vilchez Moragues

Pau de Vilchez Moragues

Chair of the Climate Change Committee, The Balearic Islands

Pau de Vílchez Moragues, PhD in International Environmental Law, also holds a Master’s degree in in International Relations (Sciences-Po Paris) and a bachelor’s degree in Law (University of Salamanca).

He has worked for several years on development and human rights projects in Africa and the Mediterranean basin.

Since 2011 he teaches International Law at the University of the Balearic Islands and focuses his research on the intersection of climate change, environmental law, and human rights, devoting special attention to climate litigation.

He is the Deputy Director of the Interdisciplinary Lab on Climate Change (LINCC) of the University of the Balearic Islands, Chair of the Climate Change Committee of the Balearic Islands, Legal Analyst at the Climate Change Litigation Initiative (C2LI), Regional partner of the Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative in Spain, and Focal point of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) at the UNFCCC. He has also organized a Climate Citizens’ Assembly in the Balearic Islands.