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Leisa Perch

Leisa Perch

Founder/CEO/Managing Director, SAEDI Consulting (Barbados) Inc
Leisa Perch, SAEDI Consulting (Barbados) Inc's Managing Director, Founder and Practice Manager, has more than 25 years in international development. She works at the intersection of gender and climate including on financing issues, most recently supporting UN agencies in their work on this area. Working for more than 20 years on environmental management issues, she has provided technical expertise at national, regional and international levels including research to inform policy and decision-making processes from a social and gender perspective particularly on environmental issues. She has worked across the English-speaking Caribbean, Latin America, Southern Africa as well as Asia and the Pacific and Europe and the CIS. Widely published, she is a lead author of the IPCC FAR, the 1st Gender and Environment Outlook as well as the GEO 6 Report.