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Joe Wheeler

Joe Wheeler

Co-Founder & CEO, Bluemvmt, Inc.
Joe Wheeler is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bluemvmt, an ocean technology company whose mission is to protect, restore and harness ocean resources toward both conservation and commercial outcomes. In 2023 Bluemvmt was nominated for the 2023 Earthshot Prize for their project: Digitally Twinning Barbados Coastal Waters. He is also a best-selling author, speaker, and consultant and serves as the Executive Chairman of the Service Profit Chain Institute (SPCI), a Boston-based consulting firm he co-founded with Professors Len Schlesinger, James Heskett and W. Earl Sasser of the Harvard Business School. He is the co-author of two books on the topic of employee and customer experience: The Ownership Quotient (2008) and Managing the Customer Experience (2002). His most recent book: The Digital-First Customer Experience ' Seven Design Strategies from the World's Leading Brands was published in July, 2023. Mr. Wheeler was the Quality and Productivity Executive for Bank of America. Prior to this, he was an Executive Vice President with The Forum Corporation where he managed the firm's Customer Experience Consulting Practice. He earned his MBA from the Edinburgh Business School and lives in Massachusetts and Nova Scotia.