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Harold Pauwels

Harold Pauwels

Director of Standards, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Harold Pauwels is Director of Standards at the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Heading the team that is developing the next generation of GRI sustainability reporting standards in its multi stakeholder process.  At the moment the team is working on projects developing the qualitative and quantitative indicators to report about any organization’s impacts on Biodiversity, Climate Change, Labor, Economic Impacts and Pollution. 

For 20 years held a variety of management and expert roles in the field of standardization, certification and accreditation. Initiated global and regional multi-stakeholder initiatives across the areas of sustainability, safety culture and industrial safety.  Harold has a Master degree (MSc) in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry and Business Administration. Initiated standards and certification teams and lead standards development, publishing and training Business Units before joining GRI.