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Ernst Van Orsouw

Ernst Van Orsouw

CEO, Roslin (Cell cultivated meat)

Ernst van Orsouw is the CEO of Roslin Technologies. Roslin Technologies is a life sciences company in Scotland focused on developing animal stem cell lines. The company provides these cell lines to players in the emerging cultivated meat sector, which use these cell lines to produce meat directly from cells in bioreactors without the need to raise animals. Ernst cameto Roslin Technologies from Genus, a global leader in livestock genetics, where he was responsible for strategy and marketing including bringing to market disease resistant animals developed with gene editing. During this time, he was also a board member of the US-based Center for Food Integrity (CFI), a not-for-profit organisation with broad membership from farmers to retailers to consumer advocacy organisations, that has as its mission to build consumer trust in the food system. Prior to his time at Genus and CFI, Ernst worked at Boston Consulting Group where he drove the setup of an agribusiness practice. Ernst holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Delft University in the Netherlands.