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Eleni Zafeiratou

Eleni Zafeiratou

Business Development Manager, Interphoton Investment Group
Eleni Zafeiratou is leading the development of renewable energy and storage projects, including route-to-market strategies for Greece and the Greek islands, as well as other Balkan markets at Interphoton Investment Group. Previously, she had worked in the academic, public and private sectors. She devoted part of her professional career to the European Commission, initially at DG Energy in the Economic Analysis and Financial Instruments unit, working on energy modelling, and she participated in the early stages of shaping the 'Clean Energy for EU islands' initiative. Eleni worked extensively in the field of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells as a Knowledge Management Officer at the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, where she contributed to a wide range of EU-funded projects while reviewing, analysing and disseminating results and collaborating with the EU Joint Research Centre (JRC) to further advance hydrogen technologies. Eleni holds a Civil Engineering diploma from NTUA and an MSc from UCL in Environmental Systems Engineering. She has been awarded a PhD from UCL Energy Institute. As a researcher, she applied advanced modelling methods to effectively implement secure, affordable, and sustainable electricity on the Greek islands. She has been an author and co-author of several publications in scientific journals and conferences.