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Bryanne Tait

Bryanne Tait

Global Senior Director – Sustainability, Jumeirah Group
Bryanne Tait, Global Senior Director of Sustainability for Jumeirah Group, is leading the development of Jumeirah’s flagship sustainability strategy which will address its ambitions to decarbonize, and incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance objectives and programs across the portfolio. With 25+ years of experience, having previously worked with leading organizations in the areas of sustainability, clean energy, and climate change, Bryanne has expertise in global business development, finance, project management and development in the private and public sectors. She has held various leadership roles in Shell, E.ON, Masdar, World Bank Group, and has worked as well as with state owned entities such as Petronas, Eskom, and ONEE among others. She has worked in various industries and sectors such as renewable energy, power, oil/gas/petchems, textiles, FMCG, cement, glass, steel etc, and has deep experience in waste management. She has worked in more than 30 countries, having spent the majority of the last 7 years in Pakistan and Afghanistan developing affordable clean energy solutions to improve rural electrification for bottom of the pyramid populations and communities. Recently she has served as Senior Climate Finance Advisor to the Secretary General’s office of the International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent in Geneva, as well as Chief Development Officer for Dubai based Blue Forest, developing blue carbon mangrove based carbon offset projects.