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Anne-Claire Antoinette

Anne-Claire Antoinette

Sustainability Lead, MCB Group

Anne-Claire Antoinette, Sustainability Lead at MCB Group, a distinguished Mauritian financial services institution, brings her wealth of experience and passion for positive change to the forefront of the financial services industry. With a seasoned career of 15 years in wealth management, Anne-Claire redirected her path to champion sustainability within and beyond MCB Group, aiming for a lasting positive impact.

In her pivotal role, Anne-Claire oversees not only the integration of sustainability initiatives but also the direct environmental impact management of MCB Group’s operations, the establishment of impactful partnerships with NGOs and the design and execution of a comprehensive gender equality program. Her strategic approach reflects a commitment to promoting responsible business practices and social consciousness in the private sector.

At the forefront of her endeavours is the mission to raise awareness on climate change, urging stakeholders to take meaningful action. Notably, she successfully pioneered a debate contest for Mauritian youth, empowering high school students to articulate the profound impact of climate change on the economy and society.

Anne-Claire also serves as a Climate Fresk facilitator, underlining her commitment to guiding discussions and fostering solutions in the realm of sustainability.