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Island of Hope



Panel: Powering gender equity for refugees: inspiring stories and solutions

08 Dec 2023

Energy poverty is a challenge for millions of refugees and displaced people - but particularly for women. Affordable, inclusive solutions can tackle gender inequality and change lives. Solutions like efficient stoves that make cooking safer, and cut time spent collecting firewood. Or solar technology that brings women better healthcare, and powers female-run businesses. Hear from refugees on the impact of these solutions, and how businesses, funders and others can take action to scale them up. This session will be packed with inspiring short films, personal stories, and great examples of frontline innovation.

  • Climate change and energy poverty disproportionately impact women refugees and internally displaced people. What is life without energy like?
  • What impact do solutions have and what’s holding them back?
  • Why are locally driven, grassroots solutions more effective?
  • How can funders and international businesses use power up these solutions?
Dawn Stevenson, Senior International Programmes Officer - Ashden
Brian Onyango, Founder and CEO - USAFI Green Energy
Shaza Alrihawi, Co-Founder - Global Refugee-led Network (GRN)