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Island of Hope



Panel Restoring Our Future: Scaling-Up Ecosystem-Based Adaptation

06 Dec 2023

This session provides an insightful and actionable overview of how EbA can contribute to climate resilience and the sustainable management of natural resources. It will highlight the importance of collaboration, innovation, and steadfast commitment to make EbA a central element in our efforts to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change.

  • Ecosystem restoration - mangrove reforestation, coral reef protection etc.
  • The benefits of scaling up ecosystems beyond climate resilience, i.e water quality and food security.
  • Nature-based solutions and practical steps for restoration

Opening Keynote: Christine Scipio, Minister for Environment, Natural Resources and Planning, Government of St Helena

Ms. Stacey Alvarez de la Campa, Program Coordinator/Caribbean Climate Justice Leaders Academy Lead Facilitator - Island Innovation
Simon Dent, Head of Blue Investments - Mirova Natural Capital
Mr Sam Teicher, Co-Founder & Chief Reef Officer - Coral Vita
Mr Kristian Teleki, CEO - Fauna and Flora
Dr Penny Langhammer, Executive Vice President - Re:wild
Christine Scipio, Minister for Environment, Natural Resources and Planning - Government of St Helena
KM Reyes, National Geographic Explorer & Co-Founder & Advisor - Centre for Sustainability PH