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Panel: Implementing Loss and Damage – a Breakthrough Solution to Secure the Financial Future of the World’s Most Climate Vulnerable States

04 Dec 2023
Panellists will present a replicable, scalable solution for transferring the financial burdens of climate risks from vulnerable states onto insurance and capital markets. They will explain why this model represents a breakthrough in the design of the global financial architecture for
Loss and Damage that is applicable to climate-vulnerable states worldwide. Vulnerable states face losing more than 100% of GDP from climate shocks. We will discuss:
  • How can climate risk be transferred from vulnerable states in the Global South to international risk capital markets?
  • How much would it cost to cap the loss of the most extreme events at 10% of GDP for these most vulnerable?
Mr Rowan Douglas, Chair, Operating Committee - Insurance development Forum
Mr David Howden, CEO - Howden Group
Mr Jorge Gastelumendi, Director of Global Policy - Atlantic Council
Dr Ana Gonzalez Pelaez, Fellow - University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
Mr Ricardo Lara, California Insurance Commissioner - California Department of Insurance
Isaac Anthony, CEO - CCRIF, SPC
Ambassador Francine Baron, CEO - Climate Resilience Execution Agency for Dominica