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Island of Hope



Panel Islands, Data And Freshwater In A Climate Of Change

07 Dec 2023

Discussing the importance of data in assessing the water-energy nexus within an island setting. The session will be an opportunity to explore water and energy within the wider context of administration, collaboration and innovation, which are the three themes of the I IWRA Islands Water Congress that will take place in the Faroe Islands in September 2024. The session will also be an opportunity to explore how the OPTICA-supported Global Environmental Measurement and Monitoring (GEMM) Initiative can support islands in addressing their water and energy challenges and opportunities.

  • What are the specific challenges and opportunities islands face in the context of water and energy administration, collaboration, and innovation, and how can these be addressed effectively?
  • How does the utilisation of data play a crucial role in assessing the water-energy nexus within an island setting?
  • What are the implications of data use for sustainable resource management?
  • The role of collaboration in advancing island anergy and water management
Zoe Cuthbert, Sustainability - Expo City Dubai
Mr Francesco Sindico, Lead - Scottish Government Carbon Neutral Island Project