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Island of Hope



Panel: Island Economies Driving Climate Resilience Through Responsible Tourism

06 Dec 2023

This session will aim to support advancing the well-being of island economies, bolstering climate resilience, and championing ocean conservation. A curated panel of industry experts, community leaders, and leading sustainability professionals will share learnings, best practices, and obstacles we need to overcome to scale solutions globally. The panel will be curated to underscore the paramount importance of responsible tourism in advancing climate resiliency and safeguarding our fragile ecosystems, particularly within island economies. The session will emphasise the necessity of collaboration and shared learning to achieve these crucial goals.

  • What are some of the obstacles to take into consideration when seeking to scale solutions?
  • How can responsible tourism advance climate resiliency?
  • Why are collaboration and shared learning regarded as necessary steps in achieving economic resilience?
  • What are the best ways to facilitate the adoption of sustainable tourism practices?
Ms. Lea d'Auriol, Founder & Exective Director - Oceanic Global
Racquel Moses, CEO - Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator
Illya Azaroff, Director of Resilient Design and Regenerative Planning & Architect - +LAB & PLLC
Ivory Vogt, Climate Advisor/Sustainable Tourism Consultant - Government of Palau
Bryanne Tait, Global Senior Director – Sustainability - Jumeirah Group
Glenn Mandziuk, CEO - Sustainable Hospitality Alliance