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Island of Hope



Panel: Green Jobs: Building Sustainable Futures in the Face of Climate Change

06 Dec 2023
This session will provide a holistic view of the potential for green job development in the face of climate change. Participants will gain insights into how sustainable economic growth can be harnessed to create a more secure and vibrant future for coastal communities. The obstacles governments and societies face to move at scale in this vital sector will also be discussed in depth.
  • The importance of green job creation from the government perspective
  • How can green job creation create new significant revenue streams for societies and governments?
  • What will be the impact of the shift in human resources in islands and coastal communities?
  • How can the challenges of lack of skills and short timelines to meet demand be resolved?
Joel Makower, Chairman & Co-Founder - GreenBiz Group
Alida Saleh, Head of Sustainability for Middle East & Africa, JLL - Senior Advisor, UNFCCC
Moustapha Kamal Gueye, Director of the Priority action programme, Just Transitions - ILO