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Island of Hope



Panel: Future Leaders - Inspiring Hope For Tomorrow

08 Dec 2023

The role of education as a key driver in providing resources and inspiration to drive positive change. Introducing the top attendees of the Caribbean Climate Justice Leadership Academy. Positive case studies / examples of young island leaders who are shaping the future of tomorrow, showcasing youth-led initiatives. This session aims to deepen the understanding of the critical connection between coastal biodiversity, climate change, and the associated risks while highlighting conservation strategies and collaborative efforts that can help protect these vital ecosystems. Participants will leave with a broader perspective on the importance of preserving coastal biodiversity for a sustainable and resilient future.

  • How can education play a pivotal role in equipping young leaders with the necessary resources and inspiration?
  • In what ways do these youth-led initiatives exemplify the potential for transformative change and innovative solutions in addressing climate justice issues in the Caribbean?
  • How can they inspire broader engagement and collaboration in the region?
  • Success stories or case studies of young leaders who have emerged from the Academy, what lessons can be learned from their experiences?
Ms. Stacey Alvarez de la Campa, Program Coordinator/Caribbean Climate Justice Leaders Academy Lead Facilitator - Island Innovation
Luciano Doest, Research assistant non-timber forest products - Centre for Agricultural Research, Suriname (CELOS)
Miss Muskaan Khemani, Research Data Analyst - Center for Climate & Health, Boston University
Ms. Miss. Oriana Emmanuelle Wouters, Speaker - Island Innovation/ Caribbean Climate Justice Leaders Academy
Ms. Raeann Gervais, Delegate - Island Innovation
Ms Mya Symister, Student - Caribbean Climate Justice Academy (CCJA)