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Island of Hope



Panel: Empowering Youth To Actively Participate In Building Pacific Community Resilience

08 Dec 2023

Pacific Youth and elders play a key role in enhancing and building

community resilience. Traditional knowledge held and practised by our

elders and our communities can contribute to resolving many of the national and global challenges faced by society today.By actively advocating and developing innovative ways such as integrating traditional knowledge practices and technology to monitor impacts of climate change, our youth have been collecting scientific information to help inform decisions and contribute to scientific research. This session will focus on sharing experiences from the Pacific on the work on traditional knowledge, the role of youth in integrating technology and traditional knowledge enhance Pacific community resilience

  • Examples of how traditional knowledge, has been successfully integrated with modern technology to monitor and address the impacts of climate change 

  • What are some specific outcomes or lessons learned from these initiatives?

  • How do Pacific youth actively advocate for and participate in the preservation and application of traditional knowledge within their communities? 

  • How can the fusion of traditional knowledge and technology be applied to enhance community resilience on a global scale?

Ms Siosina Lui, Climate Traditional Knowledge - Climate TK Officer
Ms Tagaloa Cooper, Director - Climate Change and Resilience Programme,SPREP
Mr. John Ruben, Principal Scientific Research Officer - Vanuatu Meteorology & Geo-hazards Department (VMGD)
Mr Ofa Faanunu, Director - Tonga Meteorological Service
Mr Salesa Nihmei, Meteorology and Climate Advisor - Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)