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Island of Hope



Panel: Community Solutions For Loss And Damage In Islands

04 Dec 2023
It is increasingly evident that Islands are disproportionately affected by the onslaught of climate change. In light of this, the issue of loss and damage is brought into focus, and how to best bolster the resilience of communities. This panel will examine how to optimise this resilience through community engagement.
  • What are the factors that cause islands to be disproportionately affected by climate change?
  • How crucial is the role of local communities in building resilience and solutions to address loss and damage?
  • What are the best ways to encourage community involvement in the process of implementing measures to enhance resilience?
  • What kind of collaboration and partnerships are essential in order to mobilise resources and implement solutions for loss and damage?
Dr Stefano Moncada, Islands and Small States Institute & Climate Change Platform Focal Point - University of Malta
Dr Christopher Bartlett, Head of Climate Diplomacy - Government of Vanuatu
Mrs Lisa Hurlston-McKenzie, Senior Policy Advisor (Environment & Resiliency) - Cayman Islands Government Ministry of Sustainability & Climate Resiliency
Ms Kate Wharton, Managing Director & Head for Natural Capital - CrossBoundary
Ms Lavern Mcfarlane, Senior Economist, Chief Underwriter - CARICOM Development Fund