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Panel: Circular Economy in Guernsey - a Case Study

05 Dec 2023
Guernsey's path to creating a world-leading recycling program is intricately linked to embracing the circular economy model. The panellists will focus on key elements of this model, such as waste reduction, resource optimisation, and sustainable practices, There will also be a discussion on how Guernsey has built a recycling ecosystem that sets global
  • What are the key components of the circular economic model?
  • How can community practices be better supported?
  • What are the major challenges faced when developing a circular economy approach?
  • What are the crucial aspects of Guernsey’s recycling ecosystem that make it so successful?
Mrs Rosie Allsopp, Communications Director - Guernsey Finance
Miss Stephanie Glover, Head of Strategy and Sustainable Finance - Guernsey Finance
Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez, President of the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure - Guernsey
Mr Peter Barnes, Head of Energy & Climate Change - States of Guernsey