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Island of Hope



Panel Capacity Building And Connections: Amplifying Island Youth Voices For Climate Ambition And The Sdgs

06 Dec 2023
The event will demonstrate ways in which youth are leading the drive for greater climate ambition and climate adaptation. It will explore particularly the value of capacity building, networks and peer to peer exchange for youth from large ocean states as participants in the Peace Boat US “Youth for SDGs” program, which was officially endorsed by IOC UNESCO as a Contribution to the UN Ocean Decade, as well as Peace Boat’s Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassador program. The event will explore collaborations with governments, civil society and academia, looking at how youth can contribute to public engagement, education and awareness for political change.
  • How can youth best contribute to enhancing capacity building to fight climate change?
  • What role can youth play in the attainment of the climate adaptation goals of large ocean states?
  • How can governments, civil society and academia best collaborate to help youth?
  • How can youth facilitate public engagement, education and awareness about the SDGs?
Miss Emilie McGlone, Director - Peace Boat US
Mr Lavetanalagi Seru, Regional Coordinator - Pacific Islands Climate Action Network
Ms Khadija Stewart, Caribbean Regional Representative - Sustainable Ocean Alliance
Mr. Kenley Rudimch-Kenneth, Youth Negotiator - Palau National Climate Change Office
Mr. Henk Rogers, Founder - Blue Planet Alliance
Anne-Claire Antoinette, Sustainability Lead - MCB Group
Charles Bevis, Advocacy Support Officer - Youth Negotiators Academy