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Island of Hope



Panel: Building Climate Resilience Through Food Security

07 Dec 2023

Building climate resilience through food security is a critical and multifaceted endeavour that addresses the intersecting challenges of climate change and global hunger. As our climate becomes increasingly unpredictable and extreme, it poses a significant threat to food production and distribution systems, often affecting the most vulnerable communities.

  • Creating a resilient food supply
  • Agritech innovators and adaptive farming practices
  • Sustainable water management
  • How can regenerative agriculture provide economic prosperity for future generations
Mr Klaus Mitchell, Founder - Plant Based News
Ms Karen Mapusua, Director, Land Resources Division - Pacific Community
Mrs. Tracy Slaybaugh-Mitchell, Director of Resilience and Climate Adaptation - RTI International
Ms Kiesha Farnum, Director, Public Sector Projects - Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator
Dr Samer Taha, CEO - Atoco
Talei Silibaravi, Project Coordinator - Cagimaiwai Women's Club
Alfredo Coro, Municipal Mayor - Municipality of Del Carmen Siargao Islands, Philippines