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Mastercard Foundation Fund

The Mastercard Foundation Fund for Resilience and Prosperity was established in 2023 with an objective to address the barriers that hinder the creation of opportunities for dignified and fulfilling work for young people. These include young women and men, refugee youth, and youth living with disabilities. The Fund will address a broad spectrum of SME specific challenges as well as macro issues using four interventions:

1. Offering direct financial support through a challenge fund to organizations with high growth potential and the ability to scale up innovative and resilient business models.

2. Providing investor readiness support to the SMEs and negotiation of partnerships with potential financiers to ensure sustainability and growth.

3. Adding value beyond financial support through technical assistance and capacity building;

4.Convening and influencing through experienced partners and digital platforms to drive systemic change by convening relevant stakeholders.

KPMG is the Fund Manager for this program which is a partnership between the Mastercard Foundation and KPMG from 2023 to 2030. The Fund’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Partner is Triple Line Consulting.

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