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GovTech Global Alliance

The GovTech Global Alliance is a worldwide network of government, academia, and private sector partners who believe in harnessing the potential of cross-border collaboration to improve the public sector innovation ecosystem which generate improved economic development opportunities. By coming together, our network of alliance members can share lived experiences, key strategies, successes as well as failures, and build resources to amplify the impact of any single govtech programme alone. Its members include teams from North America, South America, across Europe, Africa and Oceania. 

Global Scale-Up Programme 3 is the third iteration of the award-winning internationally recognised programme that was first delivered for COP26 in Glasgow. It brings together participating member teams across 11 countries to provide a unique access programme for climate tech and govtech companies in the run up to, and during, COP28. Our mission is to source, surface and scale climate tech solutions for global public sector applications. We have selected 20 innovative climatetech companies from 13 countries. From platforms that join the dots on sustainable policies, or monitor bee mortality, to ingenious compact farming systems and circular economy solutions promoting better waste management, we have another broad cohort that reflects the breadth of the Alliance and the global appeal of the programme.

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