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Climate Action Stage



Green Horizons: Innovators navigating supply chains under SDG13, Climate Action

08 Dec 2023
Climate Action Stage

Join The Conduit and UAE-based payments platform Hubpay for a panel discussing the challenges and opportunities businesses face in navigating complex cross-border supply chains. Topics covered will include the environmental impact of global trade, the effects of climate change on supply chains, plus mitigation and adaptation solutions being championed by the private sector.

  • Impact of Climate Change on Food & Fashion Supply Chains
  • Facts about international trades contributing to CO2 Emissions
  • Processes & Approach to reducing carbon footprint in food & fashion supply chains - solutions in practice
Kevin Kilty, CEO and Founder - Hubpay
Gaurav Sinha, Investor - The Giving Movement
Catherine Bottrill, CEO and Co-Founder - Pilio
Verónica Giraldo, CPO - The Producers Trust

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