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Sustainable Banking Alliance: Lessons learned in engaging financial institutions for climate finance

07 Dec 2023
At the 2022 Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP27), USAID unveiled the Sustainable Banking Alliance (SBA). As part of this initiative, USAID is partnering with Financial Institutions (FIs) to build their capacity for measuring, reporting, and to mitigate their exposure to climate-related risks, and decrease their financed greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The Alliance will also bolster the climate resilience of financiers and their investees. Since its announcement, USAID has initiated SBA pilots in Colombia, Egypt, and Rwanda, with the support of DAI. This address will provide an overview of the early-stage lessons learned and identified opportunities to support the integration of climate finance in FIs including partnership opportunities at within different FI teams, the need for improved climate-related data, and the role of financial associations and the public sector. 
Manuel Bueno, Senior Lead, Climate Finance - DAI
Jacqueline Musiitwa, Senior Climate Finance Advisor - USAID
Alan Gomez, Head of Latin America and Caribbean Regional Network - Glasgow Finance Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ)
Laura Ruiz, Co-Founder - Diorama
Katja Silva-Leader, Global Director, Development Finance - DAI

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