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Climate Action Stage



Connecting current global research & innovation initiatives and agendas to human needs-based approaches

04 Dec 2023
Climate Action Stage

This panel explores the intersection between cutting-edge innovation and its application in meeting the real-world needs of people, especially in vulnerable communities. Discussion will center on aligning and integrating global research and innovation initiatives, such as the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with approaches that prioritize human needs. Panellists will delve into strategies to foster effective collaboration and learning across a range of sectors, underscoring the need to make state-of-the-art innovations accessible and beneficial to all.

  • How to link new technologies with SDGs for vulnerable communities.
  • Tackling challenges in turning research into practical solutions.
  • Strategies to ensure research benefits vulnerable sectors.
  • Embedding ethical considerations to protect vulnerable populations.


Pourya Salehi, Head, Urban Research, Innovation, and Development - ICLEI World Secretariat
Rita Rinaldo, Head of Projects and Studies Implementation Division - European Space Agency
Miroslav Polzer, Director - Climate Chain Coalition
Caitlin Nash, Co-Founder - Global Innovation Initiative Group (GIIG) and The Loudhailer
Ben Jance, Head of Research and Innovation - GCoM
Simone Sandholz, Lead - Urban Futures & Sustainability Transformation Program, UNU

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