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Climate Action Stage



Mission efficiency: Rethinking an energy efficient life

04 Dec 2023
Climate Action Stage

Despite its importance, energy efficiency has often been overlooked in the energy transition. This is evident in the significant gaps in energy efficiency, the perceived high risk in financing, and its lower priority in decision-making. This session aims to transform how we perceive energy efficiency, demonstrating its critical role in achieving Net Zero, reducing energy demand, creating new markets, and enhancing lives. 

  • The critical link between energy efficiency and electrification in the quest for Net Zero
  • Cultivating a mindset shift to make energy efficiency a compelling choice for investors and consumers
  • What does an energy-efficient lifestyle and how is it achieved in practice?
Brian Dean, Director of Energy Transition - Sustainable Energy For All
Katie McGinty, Vice President and Chief Sustainability and External Relations Officer - Johnson Controls
Bob Hinkle, CEO - Metrus
Satish Kumar - Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy
Andrea Voigt, Head of Public Affairs - Danfoss
Walid Sheta, President of Middle East & Africa region - Schneider Electric

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