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Climate Action Stage



Climate Solutions and the Race to Zero

05 Dec 2023
Climate Action Stage

Climate Solutions and the Race to Zero
The synthesis report from the initial technical dialogue of the Global Stocktake sent a clear message: solutions are available and ready to be implemented. But the journey from 'solutions' to impactful, scalable action remains complex. Hear about exciting new climate solutions and examine the catalysts for their rapid, global adoption. 

  • Learning from successful innovations across green steel, solar and alternative proteins
  • Defining the role of start-ups in the climate solutions delivery ecosystem
  • Incentivising investors to scale climate solutions
Tessa Ferry, Lead - Race to Zero
Johan Falk, CEO - Exponential Roadmap Initiative
Kaya Axelsson, Head of Policy and Partnerships - Oxford Net Zero
Ragy Ramadan, Founder and CEO - NoorNation
Peter Hirsch, Head of Sustainability 2150, Member - Venture Climate Alliance 
Otto Gernandt, Chief Finance Officer - H2 Green Steel
Mariana Bernal, Policy Analyst - Good Food Institute

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