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Climate Action Stage



Mechanisms for Transition Finance and the Role Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM) Can Play

05 Dec 2023
Climate Action Stage

When we look at the continuous barriers and challenges in implementing the Paris Agreement, and the implications for financial markets, new carbon markets financing mechanisms across primary and secondary markets are emerging. How can these be leveraged, and scaled, to address climate change mitigation and adaptation risks and to establish VCM ecosystems? 

  • How can the positive momentum from transition finance address the ongoing emissions challenges? 

  • What’s the role carbon credits, and voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM) can play? 

  • How can we address remaining conundrums across primary and secondary VCM models? 

  • And in which ways can policy makers, regulators, and governments aid in bolstering and fostering the growth of Voluntary Carbon Markets?

Martina Macpherson, Head of ESG Product Strategy and Management - SIX
Marion Leslie, Head of Financial Information and Executive Board Member - SIX Group

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