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Climate Action Stage



What is Bitcoin mining’s role in the clean energy transition?

05 Dec 2023
Climate Action Stage

When you think of bitcoin mining, you probably imagine energy-guzzling computers and crypto cowboys. Join Executives from the Bitcoin mining industry as they share what their companies are doing to drive the clean energy transition, mitigate methane emissions and promote sustainable development.

  • How can the Bitcoin mining industry support the clean energy transition?

  • What are some of the myths and misconceptions around Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining?

  • What does the future of the Bitcoin Mining industry look like?

Brad Van Voorhees, CEO & Co-Founder - Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol
Jaime Leverton, CEO - Hut 8
Brent Whitehead, Co-Founder - Giga Energy
Samantha Robertson, Director of Commercial Strategy - BitDeer
Marcel Kasumovich, Deputy CIO - Coinbase Asset Management

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