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Climate Action Stage



Fossil fuels in transition

04 Dec 2023
Climate Action Stage

Fossil fuel use must decline more rapidly, more dramatically with reductions starting now. Carbon removal or capture, utilization and storage is not sufficient and cannot enable business as usual for fossil fuel companies. So, what must happen and what can happen to enable the phase down of fossil fuels by 2050? 

This session brings together global climate leaders to outline the critical actions needed. The 45-minute moderated discussion discusses and debates the following:  

  • The feasible and required scale and pace of decline in fossil fuels demand.  

  • The role of carbon capture and removals in reaching climate objectives.  

  • The implications of declining demand on investment and supply.  

  • The role and actions required from governments, fossil fuel companies and financial institutions.  

  • What success looks like for COP this year. 


Mike Hemsley - ETC
Maria Mendiluce, CEO - We Mean Business Coalition
Julian Perez, Strategy & Policy Vice President - OGCI
Landon Derentz, Senior Director - Atlantic Council Global Energy Center
Adair Turner, Chair - Energy Transitions Commission
Tzeporah Berman, Chair - Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation

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