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Climate Action Stage



Decarbonizing the Nile & Valley and Danube Delta Ecosystems: Challenges and Innovative Solutions

07 Dec 2023
Climate Action Stage

Decarbonization of the Nile & Valley and Danube Delta Ecosystems presents a complex blend of challenges and opportunities, requiring innovative solutions to balance the intricate interplay of environmental preservation and sustainable development, while leveraging international collaboration for effective action. A joint initiative between Egyptian and European experts conducting research on decarbonizing wetlands, this session aims to identify and discuss existing challenges and develop technological, policy, and behavioual solutions.Biodiversity and natural based solutions

  • Circular economy and waste valorization
  • Urbanisation and mobility
  • Renewable energy
  • Case study (Elhelal Smart Medical Building)


Delia Dimitriu - SMS, United Kingdom
Eslam M. Ibrahim, Professor of Materials Science, Physics Dep - Director of The Renewable Energy Materials lab., Sohag University
Raluca Nicolai, GEOSTUD - Romania
Petru Nicolae, GEOSTUD - Romania
Neil Ebenezer, Team Leader, Applied Research Programme in High Volume Transport (HVT) - DT-Global, United Kingdom
Vlad Sandu, GEOSTUD - Romania
Florin Nemtanu, Associate Professor, Director of Intelligent Transport Systems Master Programme, - Vice-Dean for Research and International Relations
Huda A. A. AbdelHamid, CEO, Sohay Inn Co - Assistant professor of molecular biology and bioinformatics, Botany Dep. Sohag University, Egypt

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