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Climate Action Stage



How philanthropy can catalyze meaningful climate action

05 Dec 2023
Climate Action Stage
How can philanthropy go beyond funding interventions at the program level to matching the urgency, scale, and complexity of climate change? Models are starting to emerge. This panel brings philanthropy leaders together to discuss how funders are maximizing their impact, from supporting early-stage ideas that may be seen as too risky for traditional funders, to catalysing larger amounts of financing to sectors that might otherwise fail to mobilize sufficient resources.
Kate Warren, EVP and Executive Editor - Devex
Sonali Patel, Partner - Bridgespan
Andrew Steer, President & CEO - Bezos Earth Fund
Helen Mountford, CEO - ClimateWorks Foundation
Saliem Fakir, Executive Director - African Climate Foundation
Elizabeth Yee, Executive Vice President - Rockefeller Foundation

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