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Climate Action Stage



Financing the transition: A Multi-dimensional approach to mobilizing capital

06 Dec 2023
Climate Action Stage

Financial markets are innovating to meet the global need for industrial transformation. Investment vehicles such as green bond funds help broaden the investor base by drawing in institutional participants like insurance, banks, or investment managers. Public funds can be used to leverage private investments, channeling more funds into low- and middle-income countries. Financing regionally vs globally, how can sustainable finance contribute to this transformation? 

  • Tools to encourage and support a larger investor base and encourage institutional investors   
  • Risks and rewards of leveraging passive investment strategies to support the transition
  • Financing the Global North v Global South: How can public funds be used? 
Michael Taschner, Global Head of Sustainability Solutions, Executive Director - S&P Global Market Intelligence
Suhaib A. Al-Hosainy, Chief Risk Officer - SaudiEXIM Bank
Beth Burks, Director of Sustainable Finance - S&P Global Ratings
Eoin Daly, Head of Sustainability and Customer Engagement - Commercial Bank of Dubai

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