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Climate Action Stage



Give the World Some Credit: Financing the future

04 Dec 2023
Climate Action Stage

With Black Rock saying 56% of global investors are going to put more investment in decarbonization and 1 in 2 clients saying it's #1 priority, working with every company in the world is key. The energy transition is vital to meet Paris Accords targets, as is its mitigation and adaptation. Energy companies are part of the solution. Investing in new technologies is also critical. Wind/solar were expensive first but look at how they've changed the energy price now. The world faces structural embedded inflation (decarbonizing economies is one contributing factor) and geopolitics has accelerated our understanding of this, and spurred national action how does private finance look at these opportunities, and what are the challenges?

Mina Al-Oraibi, Editor-in-Chief - The National
Katherine Garrett-Cox, CEO - GIB Asset Management
Anjuli Pandit, Head of Sustainable Debt Capital Markets EMEA & Americas - HSBC

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