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Climate Action Stage



Innovative Solutions for Community Resilience: A partnership between “Doers” and “Funders

04 Dec 2023
Climate Action Stage

The effects of climate change are often experienced most acutely at the local level. Each community faces unique challenges based on its geographical location, climate, and socio-economic context. Innovation plays a crucial role in tailoring these adaptation strategies to specific local needs and is essential for effective resilience building. Join this session to hear how funders and grassroots ‘doers’ are working together to ensure climate finances are deployed effectively. This session is hosted by UNDP, under the Adaptation Innovation Marketplace (AIM)’s strategic platform, which promotes scaled-up adaptation at the local level through NGOs, civil society, women, and young innovators.

  • What key factors influence investors and donors’ decisions to support impactful resilience organisations?
  • How do sustainable models and value chains help bolster resilience, especially in disadvantaged areas?
  • What tools, practices, technologies, and business models are scalable? What finance models are available for innovation in adaptation?
Saliha Dobardzic, Senior Climate Specialist - Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat
Princess Lamia bint Majid Al-Saud, Secretary General - Alwaleed Philanthropies
Jose Carlos Edo Monfort, Head of sector for Climate Change - DG INTPA, European Union
Dipayan Dey, Chair of the South Asian Forum for Environment (SAFE), India
Sylvia Maeght, Project Development Manager - Association la Voûte Nubienne (AVN), West Africa
André Luiz Rodrigues Gonçalves, Director of Centro Ecológico, Brazil
Vincent Mariadho, National Coordinator - Prolinnova, Kenya
Andy Kerr, Chief Strategy Officer - Climate KIC

Hosted by Srilata Kammila, Head, Climate Change Adaptation – UNDP 

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