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Policy, Regulation and Transparency to move faster on Transition Finance

06 Dec 2023
Glasgow Breakthrough Room

The results of the Global Stocktake, anticipated for COP28, are expected to confirm that the world is struggling to limit global warming to 1.5˚. Although it’s estimated that $1.1 trillion was invested in the global energy transition in 2022, the world needs between $3.5tn and $4tn of additional investment every year until 2050 to get on track for net zero. Financial institutions (FIs) have a vital role to play in accelerating the global flow of transition finance but need to ensure they are delivering tangible real-world improvements – not paper decarbonization. 

In this roundtable we’ll discuss what policies, guidance, frameworks, standards and regulations exist to help Financial Services institutions mobilize transition finance at scale and at pace, and where there could be limitations and challenges.  


Gill Lofts, Global Financial Services Sustainable Finance Leader - EY

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