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Professional Service Providers' Consultation Roundtable

04 Dec 2023

Location: The Glasgow Breakout Room, the Climate Action Arena, Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre, Dubai 
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Professional Services Providers (PSPs), including legal, consultancy, and communications agencies, are pivotal in the transition to a net zero resilient future. Their traditional focus on operational emissions reduction does not fully capture the broader influence. This requires us to continue to innovate, advance new frontiers of leadership, plan for the transition ahead and pivot business models. As part of its commitment to advancing frontiers of net zero leadership, Race to Zero and its Expert Peer Review Group convened a Working Group throughout 2023. The Working Group was co-chaired by experts from the University of Oxford, and included representatives from Legal Charter 1.5, ClientEarth, Planet Mark, Climate Action for Associations, Pledge To Net Zero, Exponential Roadmap Initiative, Purpose Disruptors and the Climate Champions Team. The proposed event will discuss the output of the working group's discussions and options for how PSPs' acceleration of the net transition can be strengthened. 

Alexis McGivern, Net Zero Standards Manager - Oxford Net Zero

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