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Hard-to-abate discussion

05 Dec 2023
Glasgow Breakthrough Room

Location: The Glasgow Breakout Room, the Climate Action Arena, Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre, Dubai 

During this session, dss+ experts and representatives of leading chemicals and energy companies will discuss the state of play in addressing hard-to-abate emissions: what are the sources and the size of the problem, what is the state of decarbonisation in hard-to-abate sector, what are the challenges, and what solutions are can industry roll out at scale straightaway . Confirmed speakers include: Christian Haessler, Global Head of Public Affairs, Covestro; Professor Rafael Chaves, chair of the Brazilian Institute for Oil and Gas and former sustainability expert at Petrobras; and dss+ experts Oliver Gawad and Gerhard Bolt. Hosts: Mark Dickson, dss+’s Global Head of Decarbonization and Energy Transition, will frame and moderate the discussion. Melissa Barrett, our MD for Sustainability, Practices and Impact will introduce the event. 

Mark Dickson, Global Head of Decarbonization and Energy Transition - dss+
Melissa Barrett, MD for Sustainability, Practices and Impact - dss+

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