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Climate Challenge Labs and Roundtables



Ensuring an inclusive global energy transition through access to finance and capacity building

05 Dec 2023

Location: Meeting room 1, the Climate Action Arena, Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre, Dubai 

The roundtable discussion aims to foster a collaborative dialogue on the critical importance of ensuring an inclusive global energy transition by addressing key factors such as access to finance and capacity building. This discussion will facilitate the sharing of insights, best practices, and innovative solutions to overcome the challenges hindering equitable energy transition.  

The relevance of this topic is particularly significant regarding women's empowerment and gender equity. Women, especially in many developing regions, often face barriers in accessing financial resources and opportunities for capacity building, limiting their participation in the renewable energy sector. An inclusive energy transition must prioritize gender-sensitive strategies that ensure women have equal access to finance and training. By addressing these gender disparities and promoting women's active involvement in the clean energy sector, the roundtable aims to not only advance environmental sustainability but also enhance economic opportunities and empowerment for women globally.  

Julie Hood, EMEIA Strategy and Transactions leader - EY
Anna Wolf - EY

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